Women’s Kickboxing

Looking for a place where you can feel comfortable working out? A gym that will not only motivate you to be fit, but also provide you with self defense training that can boost your confidence and career? Then you should check out Galveston BJJ’s Womens Kickboxing programs and classes – designed specifically with women in mind!

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Do you want to:


  • Be at a gym where you can enjoy getting a great workout?
  • Be given the option to train as an amateur or professional fighter?
  • Work with fun, easy going, and knowledgeable trainers?
  • Feel stronger?
  • Feel tougher?
  • Feel more energetic?
  • Receive hands on, personalized training?
  • Not feel like you stick out?
  • Not feel like you’re being judged?
  • Not feel like you cannot keep up?
  • Feel like, as a woman, you fit in just as naturally as the men?
  • Gain more skills and techniques for your law enforcement or related profession?
  • Feel great about yourself?

Mix up your routine with the balance, coordination and strength building moves while burning 300-600* calories.  These high-intensity classes are a great full body workout, incorporating a broad range of athletic drills.  No matter which program you choose, training like this will physically prepare you for whatever punches life throws your way.

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu  classes address the needs of both women and men!

You will burn those extra unwanted pounds while enjoying every workout and session.

No matter what level you train in, you will be given a personalized program catered to your needs and goals. Our trainers will work with you every step of the way to help you exceed your potential. The trainers also constantly introduce new material, so your training will never feel stale or lacking. Plus, with so many available classes, you can really plan your workout around your schedule!


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