Galveston BJJ Testimonials

Anyone can claim to be the best, or offer the best services. This is particularly true with martial arts programs, where the consumer or new student really doesn’t have a way to gauge or judge the quality of instruction or practicality of what is being taught.


The two best ways to evaluate any martial arts program are competition results, and student reviews.

The Galveston BJJ competition team’s results speaks volumes about the quality of the program. There is no other Galveston Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in the area that can match Galveston BJJ’s results.


As for student reviews, just check out what they have to say:


I started training in grappling later in life. Passed the age of 30 to be exact. I weighed over 230lbs, and I rarely wanted to get off the couch. I walked into Galveston BJJ with a friend, mainly because I thought it would make sound cooler to say I trained like the guys in the UFC. I immediately fell in love with the art form, the environment, and most importantly the people. 5 years later I have dropped over 60lbs, have won international level competitions, and now have a son who trains with me. I can’t thank Evan enough, and I can’t tell you how happy I am I walked through the door for a trial class.- Billy Sanders